About the Name Change Application

Name changes in the State of Hawaii are authorized by Hawaii Revised Statutes §574-5. This statute provides that a name may be legally changed upon an order of the Lieutenant Governor upon a notarized petition, signed by the person requesting the change of name. The Lieutenant Governor has adopted rules that, together with said section, specify the procedures for changing a name (Title 2, Chapter 2, Hawaii Administrative Rules).

Name changes may now be submitted online. There is a $50.00 Filing Fee and online payments will incur an additional $5.00 administrative fee per petition filing fee collected. All fees are non-refundable.

When a Petition is rejected due to typographical errors or missing information; the $50.00 filing fee and $5.00 administrative fee are applied to the re-submitted Petition; however, when the Lieutenant Governor formally denies a Petition, the fees are not applied to any subsequent Petition.

To submit a name change application online, petitioners must utilize a Hawaii Portal account. Click the ‘Sign up’ link on the Name Change landing page to obtain an account. The user account allows petitioners to:

  • Submit name change application by credit card;
  • Receive email updates of petition status;
  • View and print any petition related documents at any time;
  • Track the status of your petition at any time;
  • View any previous name change petitions submitted through the online system.